Star Wars - Darth Vader Coil Bracelet - 10PM Fashion

Star Wars - Darth Vader Coil Bracelet

Join the Dark Side with this one of a kind Star Wars Darth Vader coil bracelet.  There isn't a lot of Star Wars jewelry out there.  And the stuff that is out there is usually high priced collector's items or just plain boring. 

Our bracelet is plated in matte black and has black stones that make Darth Vader maintain his intimidating look while being stylish at the same time (let me tell you this is tough to accomplish!). The helmet is a replica of Darth Vader's iconic helmet from the Classic Star Wars movies and is for the true fan.

This bracelet can stand alone on your wrist or can stack well with other bangles. 

This fashion bracelet is part of our limited edition Star Wars collection.  We are fully approved to design and produce jewelry for Star Wars.  Do not accept imitations.


Measurements: 2.5 inch inside diameter


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